Localization And SEO Services By Magicbus.com


Localization and SEO Services

circle graphic with line drawing of an interconnected circle with nodes meant to signify that MagicBus connects your busienss with localized and regional promotion using SEO
Local digitization of your business information makes it easy for your local customers to find you before they find your competition.

The Internet today offers free outlets for local businesses to reach new customers. The challenge is to know where to spend your time and resources to deliver the best possible results. There are numerous paid advertising methods that can also be engaged to further enhance your local search opportunities.

Our local SEO services will help you in the following areas:

  ✓  Local Website Promotion
  ✓  Customer Review Programs
  ✓  Zip Code Based Marketing
  ✓  Business Listing Optimization
  ✓  Regional Search Engine Marketing
  ✓  Angie's List Consulting
  ✓  Opening New Markets
  ✓  Detailed Tracking Reporting
  ✓  Internet Marketing for Restaurants
  ✓  Internet Marketing for Services
  ✓  Media/Advertising Tracking
  ✓  Reputation Management